Our History

  • 2010


    Francesco decided to bring his family recipes for Italian-inspired bourbon and rye whiskey back to life. Francesco spent time improving upon and perfecting his Italian grandfather’s whiskey recipes.

  • 2013

    Luca Mariano Distillery, LLC (LMD) was established. On December 31st, 2013, Francesco received his federal basic permit licensing him to produce bourbon.

  • 2014

    Francesco partnered with an established distillery in Kentucky. Francesco believes the best bourbon in the world is produced in Kentucky. He demanded the use of only the highest quality ingredients to make his product. LMD did a test launch of 60 cases of young whiskey in Nashville, Tennessee. The whiskey was aged in used oak whiskey barrels prior to its release. Francesco was not satisfied with the young whiskey. After the launch, he changed his focus to producing only the highest quality Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Straight Rye Whiskey. LMD was committed to producing only properly aged bourbon and rye whiskey made from the finest grains available.

  • 2015


    LMD produced 240 barrels to begin aging. Francesco knew that building the inventory first would provide many benefits to LMD:

    • Investing the time necessary to build the brand the right way from the start.
    • Working with the best designers in the industry to design its bottles and packaging to properly represent the quality product inside each bottle.
    • The final result being perfected bourbons and rye whiskeys, aged no less than four years, in perfected packages.
  • 2016

    LMD produced 420 barrels to begin aging.

  • 2017

    LMD produced 480 barrels to begin aging and secured a 256 acre farm in Danville, Kentucky. The farm features a stone house built by William Crow. In 2018, LMD produced 750 barrels to begin aging.

  • 2018

    LMD produced 750 barrels to begin aging.

  • Looking Forward

  • 2019

    In 2019, the Old Americana Bourbon is released, featuring a sweet oak and slight vanilla fragrance. LMD will launch in Michigan, Middle Tennessee (Nashville area), Kentucky, Ohio, Ontario, Canada and Italy. LMD will produce 1,000 barrels to begin aging.

  • 2020

    LMD will release a new rye whiskey, featuring a moderately spicy nose with an abundance of rye, and Luca Mariano Bourbon, featuring a strong vanilla and caramel nose.

  • 2021

    LMD will release a new bourbon, featuring a tame slightly fruity and floral nose.

  • 2022

    LMD will release Francesco S. Viola Signature Bourbon, featuring a mild cherry and brown sugar nose.