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The Founder/Owner

Francesco began distilling as a hobby in his garage in 2010. He hadn’t planned on it becoming a business. After having a neighbor over to enjoy what he had created, his neighbor told him that it was illegal to distill liquor in his garage. After discovering that his hobby was illegal, Francesco called his lawyer to help him obtain a license to distill liquor, so he could carry out his grandfather’s dream.

Francesco’s grandfather was a man named Mariano Viola. His dream was for his family to build a business and create a legacy in the United States. Mariano taught Francesco many skills including gardening, making pasta and wine, and distilling brandy and whiskey. In honor of his grandfather, Francesco created recipes for Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that are the foundation of Luca Mariano Distillery.

The company is named after Francesco’s son, Luca Mariano, who is named after Francesco’s grandfather.