Barrel Investment Program

Barrel Investment Program

At Luca Mariano Distillery, any accredited investor can get in on the hottest spirits category in the world - bourbon, and build wealth with our Bourbon Barrel Investment Program. Our barrels start at $2,000 and you can purchase anywhere from one to thousands.

As your barrels mature, and increase in value, you’ll work with our team to decide when the right time is to sell your barrels. With the bourbon category expected yo keep growing for the next 15 years, it’s a stable opportunity amongst economic unpredictability and high inflation.

With the largest Kentucky Limestone aquifer in the state, the finest sourced barrels in the industry, state-of-the-art rickhouses, and corn and wheat grown on our own 553 acre farm, it’s an investment as good as our juice.

For inquiries about our Bourbon Barrel Investment Program, please fill out the form below, email, or call 859.212.9495

We'll never share and/or sell any of your information.